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Jays sign Forrest Wall and Tyler White to minor league deals

MLB: FEB 22 Blue Jays Photo Day Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Blue Jays made a couple of minor league signings, with spring invites. Former Astros first baseman Tyler White and Forrest Wall, who came over to the Jays (along with Chad Spanberg) in the Seunghwan Oh trade.

White had a good season in 2018, hitting .276/.354/.533 with 12 home runs in 66 games. 2019 didn’t go so well, and he was traded to the Dodgers. Between the two teams, he hit .208/.308/.304 in 83 games. He turned 30 at the end of October.

Wall is 25. He hit .268/.351/.422 with 11 home runs, in 123 games, mostly in New Hampshire, but 14 games in Buffalo, back in 2019. He became a free agent back in November.

We are going to get a bunch of these boring signings over the next few months. Hopefully there will be some fun ones too.