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Monday Bantering: Bit of Jays stuff

Jays Care wins

Fisheye view of Rogers Centre during the intrasquad game that’s part of the Toronto Blue Jays summer training camp on July 17, 2020, at Rogers Centre in Toronto, ON, Canada Photo by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Dear Blue Jays,

All I really want for Christmas is some news. Just gimme some news. John Lennon wanted truth, I want news. It doesn’t have to be a big free agent signing. A big trade would work just as well. A minor league signing just won’t cut it (though I’m happy Richard Urena is back in the organization, I think he would make a good utility infielder, not that I expect him to get the chance).

There is some nice news:

I’ll admit to wondering why Bud Selig’s name is on the award. This is Jays Care second time as winner of this award. Jays Care they do good work. From Keegan Matheson’s story on the award:

The club’s work specifically addressed food insecurity and the social isolation that many young Canadians faced in 2020. This is the second Selig Award that the Blue Jays have received, with the first coming in ‘12 for its “Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Academy” initiative. They join the Boston Red Sox (2010, ‘19) as the only clubs that have won the banSelig Award multiple times.

The Jays used Rogers Centre as a storage and staging spot for food and supplies for communities in need. 8.1 million meals were delivered.

Congratulations Jays Care. Well deserved.

Beyond that we are lacking in Jays news.

The Reds are apparently shopping Luis Castillo. I’d imagine the Jays would be checking to see what it would take to get him. He just turned 28 last week and he’s been very good. Over the past two season he’s had a 3.35 ERA and 315 strikeouts in 260 innings. He is arbitration eligible for the first time this winter.

And there is this:

I think the Cubs are just seeing how much people would pay for Yu, but it would be worth talking, and I’m sure the Jays have an idea of what it would take.

Apparently the biggest question free agents are asking the Blue Jays is ‘where are you going to play?’ Which I can understand. I’m guessing that the season won’t start with the Jays in Toronto, but I’m hoping it will end with them there. It must be tough to deal with all the uncertainties around the sport right now. Not just for the Blue Jays, but I can understand free agents wanting as much certainty as possible. It might be harder than we think for the Jays to sign a top free agent.

I need a suggestion for a baseball book to read. Anyone have something good I’d should read?