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Merry Christmas

It is very Christmasy outside my house. And no, that’s not a noose, that’s a bird feeder.

Merry Christmas.

Usually, at this time on Christmas Day, I have the house to myself while the good people are at church. This year is different, church is very limited so the good people have to stay home. And we have cut way way back on gifts, because going to a mall didn’t seem like something we wanted to do.

But there are still stockings. Some gifts under the tree (mostly drinkable stuff) and, instead of the usual turkey, we have a prime rib roast ready for the oven.

I don’t need anything for Christmas this year. I’m happy that my family and most of my friends are healthy. For this year, that’s a win. The care place my parents are in is no longer the only one around without Covid. Apparently now there is one patient and one staff member who have tested positive. Hopefully they can keep it down to two.

I hope you are all having as merry a Christmas as possible, in these strange times. Hopefully the New Year will bring better times. I’m thinking that January might be tough, but that things will gradually improve after that. If most of us can get the vaccine by summer, life will be much better.

I’m not expecting anything baseball related today, though I did win a bat signed by Ferguson Jenkins in the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Auction, which makes me happy. I got his autograph in Cooperstown last year.

A Wonderful Life is playing on my TV so all is good in the world. No man is a failure if he has friends.

Let us know how your Christmas is going. I hope you find a way to celebrate.