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Off-Topic: What was the best part of your year?

“Willkommen 2021” New Year’s Eve Live Show At Brandenburg Gate Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

We only have a few hours left in this less than wonderful year. I’m going to steal a pair of questions that Minor Leaguer asked a few of us the other day:

Tell us the best thing that happened to you this year?

Tell us what was best part of this past baseball season for you?

The best thing this year for me?

Other than getting to the end of it?

We had a great holiday in Morocco in March. It ended suddenly and getting out of the country wasn’t fun. But until the sudden end, it was great. I would love to go back and finish the tour. That won’t happen for a few years, but it is on the list.

It was a country I never thought I’d see. I road a camel. Saw a very very different way of life. Had some terrific food. Visited some very very old places. And made new friends. It was great.

We also had a very nice Christmas. It was an unusual one. We didn’t do much for gifts, because none of us wanted to go shopping, but we had a good time. Lots of board games played. And we appreciated the time together. Maybe in the future we will continue to cutback on gifts.

Best part of baseball this year?

For me, it was that the season happened. Shortened, but there was baseball, and I really needed it. Getting to watch the games gave a few hours of normal each day.

Having the GameThreads and chatting with everyone made the summer go much better than it would have without it. And I have no idea what we would have talked about here without the games. It would have turned to Jigsaw Puzzle Banter by now.

And I thought it was a bad idea when they talked about starting up the season. I’ve been wrong before.

Happy New Year.

I hope the New Year is a damn sight better than the old one and that, by end of it, life is back to normal for all of us.