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Wednesday Bantering: Jays Spring News

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

There is a little bit of Blue Jays news coming out of spring training already:

Reese McGuire was arrested for ‘exposing’ himself. Apparently he was in an SUV (get tinted windows if you are going to do things in your SUV).

The Jays released a statement:

If you are bringing your kids to the ballpark this coming season, you might want to cover his or her ears. I have a feeling Reese is going to hear some interesting taunting this season.

The Seinfeld “Master of My Domain” episode was on TV the other day.

Eric Pardinho is having Tommy John surgery, so he’s out for the season. The good news is that pitchers coming back from Tommy John have a high success rate. The bad part is that he misses a year of development, but he should be back in 2021 (after which he’ll be Rule 5 eligible).

The beat writers have a bunch of quotes from Jays hitting coach Dave Hudgens:

He’s wrong. Even if this wasn’t done in the playoffs (and I think we have be reasonably sure it was) getting to the playoffs is part of winning the World Series, you cheat to get there then the Championship is tainted.

This is hard to believe. How would a hitting coach not know what is going on with his hitters.

Saying ‘I regret I didn’t do something more’ suggests that he did something to stop it. I’m not buying that one either.

This is going to be a interesting season.......