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Reaction to the Passing of Tony Fernandez

BBA-BLUE JAYS-TIGERS-FERNANDEZ Photo credit should read JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images

I’ve been enjoying reading the outpouring of affection for Tony Fernandez.

I remember being very sad when he was traded. He was one of those guy who I thought would be a lifetime Blue Jays player. I think he would have liked that. We grew to love Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter and we won a couple of World Series. But I’d still like a peak into the parallel universe where we kept Tony and Fred McGriff.

Everyone talks about imitating his side arm flip, and I did too. I could never imitate how he held the bat at the plate, such a light grip. I couldn’t convince myself I could keep hold of the bat like that.

Let’s look at what others are saying about Fernandez:

I love this story:

Some teammates. I love what Shawn Green says:

And others and something written about him:

Beyond the Box Score’s story has a lot of great video clips of Tony.

And our friend Andrew has a very nice post on Tony: