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Wednesday Bantering: Jays Spring TV Schedule

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MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Workouts Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays and Sportsnet have, finally, released their TV schedule for spring training. All the games will be broadcast on radio or audio on And they have 16 games on TV (on different Sportsnet channels):

Feb. 22 1p.m. at NY Yankees

Feb. 23 1p.m. at Twins

Feb. 28 1p.m. at Tigers

Mar. 1 1p.m. at Pirates

Mar. 4 1p.m. at Rays

Mar. 7 1p.m. at Red Sox

Mar. 9 1p.m. at Pirates (ss)

Mar. 10 1p.m. at NY Yankees

Mar.12 1p.m. at Pirates

Mar. 13 1p.m. at Orioles

Mar. 14 1p.m. vs. Rays

Mar. 19 1p.m. at Rays

Mar. 21 1p.m. vs. Tigers

Mar. 22 1p.m. at Braves

Mar. 23 7p.m. vs. NY Yankees

Mar. 24 7p.m. vs. NY Yankees

No word on who will be in the broadcast booth. Last year, if I remember right, they had a rotating group.

I still haven’t seen an announcement of who is working in the booth this season. The five-year contract that Buck and Pat had ran out last year. You would think they would tell us who we were going to listen to this year, if they knew. And if they don’t know by now, something is wrong.

The beat writers are telling us that:

  • Anthony Bass, Rafael Dolis an A.J. Cole are ‘candidates’ for set up spots in the bullpen.
  • Lourdes Gurriel could play some first base.
  • And Charlie Montoyo does not expect to use the opener this year.

The Jays will have Trent Thornton, Anthony Kay and Shun Yamaguchi will start the first three games. There is a note that they will be bringing Matt Shoemaker along slowly this spring. I’m all for that.

John Lott has a story up about Todd Stottlemyre. Todd’s brother Jason died of leukemia.

Doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant. Jason’s 15-year-old brother was a match.

Todd Stottlemyre said yes. Maybe his marrow could save his little brother.

Doctors stuck needles into Todd’s hips 260 times to extract marrow. At first, the procedure seemed to work. Jason was back to his vivacious self. But two days before his scheduled release from the hospital, he fell into a coma and died.

Todd blamed himself.

It is an interesting story. Something like that would mess you up. As Lott tells the story, it took a long time for Stottlemyre to get over it. Todd was more than a bit of a hot head, early in his career, and it took a while to figure out how to slow down and enjoy life.

We interviewed Stottlemyre a few years ago:

Part one.

Part two.

If I had any power with MLB I would use it to stop Rob Manfred from talking to the press. He keeps making things worse. I almost feel bad for the guy. Please Rob, shut up.

I love pictures of spring training. Warms me on a cold winter day:

For those of you living in Ontario, you can buy tickets for the Jay opening weekend 50/50 draw with a minimum prize of a half million dollars. Plus: