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Off-Topic: Give Us Your Superbowl Prediction

NFL: Super Bowl LIV City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We got a dump of snow overnight, after a very nice week that had me thinking about riding my bike. Now I’m thinking Mexico would be nice.

Happily we are seeing a couple of different teams in the Superbowl this year, the 49ers and the Chiefs. I’m hoping it is a close game and I’m hoping not to hear the Chop much.

I will guess 35-27 49ers.

This is a line that surprised me: Patrick Mahomes has a chance to be just the third black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. For a long time the NFL thought that black players couldn’t be quarterbacks (a level of racism that’s hard to imagine). It did allow the CFL to have some superior QBs when I was young.

I have seen the ‘Groundhog Day’ Jeep ad, and I like everything Bill Murray does, I can’t imagine I’ll like any ad more than that today.

The halftime show is to be Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, which isn’t exactly the music I like, but I’m not expecting Jason Isbell and Kris Kristopherson (with John Price the surprise appearance to sing Illegal Smile) to do the halftime show anytime soon.

I think our plan is to walk over to the local bar for the game, but if you are watching and want to chat you can use this thread.

Give us your prediction for winner and final score and whatever else you want to predict.


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