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Better know your Blue Jays 40-man: Sam Gaviglio

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays picked up Sam Gaviglio from the Royals just before the 2018 season, for the famous ‘player to be named, or cash’.

We didn’t expect much from him, but then he made 24 starts for us that year, second most on the team. For the first couple of months, he was very good, 3.81 ERA, and held batters to a .236/.301/.412, in 9 games, 7 starts. I always say start the season well, first impressions are important.

The rest of the season didn’t go as well. He had a 6.40 ERA and batters hit.311/.357/.508 against him in 15 starts.

Last year he pitched out of the pen, and again the season started very well. May 21st he had a 1.95 ERA and batters were hitting .150/.200/.310 in 16 games.

The rest of the way he had a 5.97 ERA and batters hit .273/.321/.490 win 36 games.

This year?

Sam is mostly a sinker/slider pitcher. He’s one of a couple of dozen who could pitch out of our bullpen. He could work in long relief, but the team has brought in a few guys who throw harder than he does. I don’t know if he is a sure thing to make the team, but it seemed that Charlie liked him. If he can get off to a good start again, that will help.

PECOTA has Sam throwing 65 innings with a 4.72 ERA. That would be 30 innings less than last year, with about the same ERA. Seems fair, I think there will be more competition for innings in the bullpen, so that drop in innings works. He has one option left.

It is very hard to guess how the pitchers who might be in the bullpen will be used. The team has gathered a lot of pitchers, spring training should be interesting.


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If the over/under for Gaviglio’s ERA is 4.50 I’d take the

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