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Better know your Blue Jays 40-man: Jonathan Davis

MiLB: MAY 24 Florida State League - Lakeland Flying Tigers at Dunedin Blue Jays Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jonathan Davis must have something, he’s still here and Dalton Pompey is gone and, it seems he might outlast Anthony Alford.

Jonathan is a 27-year-old, right-handed hitting outfielder (he’ll be 28 in May). He’s had 122 PA MLB PA over the last two seasons, hitting .185/.264/.259 with 2 homers, 5 walks and 24 strikeouts. Last year in Buffalo he hit .256/.378/.439 with 10 homers, 42 walks and 87 strikeouts.

He has an option left, so he has a leg up on Alford.

He’s never been a big time prospect, but he is the type of guy who could be helped out by the extra roster spot this year. He’d be a good fifth outfielder, he can play all three outfield spots, has good range, and he’d be a good pinch runner. But if you have 8 or 9 guys in the bullpen, there isn’t a lot of room for a fifth outfielder.

He’s never been a big time prospect, he did make Matt’s Top 5 Older Prospects post (we don’t consider players over 25 for our prospect list) last year. He’s kind of grouped with Fisher and Alford, at least one of the three will likely make the team and they all of the same more or less the same skill set, fast, good defense, not a lot of power. He’s the oldest of the three by a couple of years.

Steamer figures him to get 106 PA, hitting .226/.304/.358.

I’m not really a fan, I think at best he’s about replacement level, and coming up on 28, I’m not expecting a lot of improvement. But he’s fine as a defensive replacement, pinch runner type. I’d rather have him than a ninth guy in the bullpen. If he had a everyday role I’d be less than happy.


If the over/under on PAs for Davis is 100 I’d take the

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At the end of the season Davis will

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