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Opening Day That Wasn’t Banter

Detroit Tigers v Toronto Blue Jays

We should be celebrating opening day. Of course, for me, if the virus hadn’t happened, I’d still be on holiday. We were going to spend this week in a resort on the Canary Islands and just relax.

I’m on a ‘Canadians in Morocco’ Facebook group and not everyone is out of the country yet. There are repatriation flights, but they fill up quick. And it is hard to get to airports with the country basically in lockdown mode. Of course, the people need out the most, the people with the least resources, will have the hardest time getting to the airport.

During the last couple of days that we were in Marrakesh, when you were outside, cabs would stop and ask if they could give you a ride. They were hurting for business. Restaurants were closed. We got to the big grocery store the day before it was to close. Small groceries were staying open. Our hotel closed its bar and restaurants, they were only doing room service. And the night before we left it closed. After spending the whole day at the airport, we had to go to a different hotel.

And Moroccans were not happy with foreigners, if we went for a walk, people would cross the street to avoid us. We heard stories of foreigners being yelled at.

It must be hard for Canadians still in the country.

There is a little bit of MLB news from Ken Rosenthal.

Players (other than rookies) will get service time for this season, if it isn’t played. Players will get the service time they received last year.

So Dodgers, you traded for a year of Mookie Betts, well he’s going to be a free agent at the end of the year, even if no games are played. Blue Jays will be wishing they traded Ken Giles this off-season, because, if there is no season, Giles will be a free agent before next season. James Paxton will also be a free agent.

If there is a shortened season, players will be paid a pro-rated amount of their contract. This is in exchange for not suing for the full amount.

Will we have any season this year?

Until the last few days I was sure we would get at least half a season. But watching the Orange Guy, it doesn’t look like the US will flatten their curve enough to allow the game to come back.

I don’t feel like I’ll get my trip to trip to KC in August. I thought that, if the season did get started, they wouldn’t mess with the schedule, because changing dates in parks would be too much work. But now that parks will have everything else cancelled, changing the schedule won’t be as much of a problem.

Ross Atkins talked to the Athletic saying that if the season starts, they are going to have to be “creative”. Atkins suggest 7 inning double-header games.

He also says that pitchers are operating in ‘January mode’, keeping their arms in shape, but not to where they are able to make a start in a hurry. Whatever happens, there will have to be a ‘spring training’ period. I’d think, if/when they do start, they might want to think about adding a couple of roster spots for the first month.


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Day 6 of self isolation. 8 days since being in the crush of the airport in Marrakesh. No symptoms. Going out to take out the garbage bins is a nice taste of fresh air. We got pizza from my favorite bar yesterday. Talked to the bartender there for a moment on the phone, it’s pretty tough for them right now. I’m going to get a gift card, just to give them some cash flow.

We’ll keep posting here, I’m going to run random game recaps. I’ve been thinking of simulating the season on OOTP 21, leaving all teams in control of the computer and just reporting what happens a day at a time.

And, of course, if you have ideas for posts, please use the FanPost area. We will be proactive in moving those posts to the front page.

And we’ll get thru this all. And one day baseball will be back, and we will celebrate. Until then, stay healthy.