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FanPulse: 77% say there will be an MLB season

The sent a FanPulse poll out this week, asking if we think there will be a MLB baseball season this year. And questions about the length of the season.

On the big question, 77% feel there will be baseball this year. Or maybe they are just hopeful.

On the question of how many games will be played, most of us think that it will be less than 90. At the moment, I’m thinking it is a pretty safe bet that there won’t be more than 90. I’d like to question the 1% who think there will be more than 150 games.

  • 8% said 121-150.
  • 38% said 91-120%.
  • 52% said less than 90%

I know that it adds up to less than 100....

75% believe that fans will be allowed into ballparks. I have a hard time believing there will be games in empty stadiums, but that might be a team by team decision.

And the question of when the season starts? Most feel June. The ones who think the season will start in April....I’ll have what you are smoking. I need a new drug.

Like I said, I was optimistic of a late June/early July start, until about a week or so ago when conservatives started making the ‘economy is more important than keeping people alive’ point. I’m thinking that might stretch out the problem.