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2020 Ask Anything Thread

Welcome to the 6th Annual Ask Anything Thread!

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Welcome to yet another Ask Anything thread. What started as an idea that Bowling_Guy25 no doubt stole from Reddit or something like that, we have used this platform to help everyone get to know their fellow banterers just a little bit better.

The rules are simple: Post a comment in the thread below, thereby indicating that you would like people to ask you a question about (pretty much) anything. It can be about their history, why they got into baseball, their favorite trip, why they chose their name or their sig, if they can coach third base, what their favorite music is, etc. Keep it clean, and don’t feel obligated to answer the question if you feel that it is too personal or you would rather not divulge personal information. Also, to keep things organized, please keep the questions to people in the reply part as opposed just asking a random question to all as a new post.

The first year we had 28 people sign up, the second year we had 38, the third year we had 32, in 2018 we had 26 and last year we had just we rocketed up to 37. We’ll see how bored you all are with Spring Training already and see if we can top that number.

So come up with some fun questions and help make this community a little more friendly and welcoming!