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Weekend Fun: Guess the First Game

Post the starting lineups for the first game you ever attended, and we’ll all try to guess the game

Toronto Blue Jays lose to the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-3 in 10 innings Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

I thought this would be a pretty fun little exercise. Post the starting lineups from the first game you ever attended, and we’ll try to guess the date.

This should be pretty quick and doable, provided you know the date of your first game.

  1. Do a google search of your first game (“June 28, 2015 Blue Jays”)
  2. Baseball-Reference has the box scores from that date.
  3. Halfway down the page, after all the stats, but before the Win Probability Chart, you will find the Starting Lineups section.
  4. Copy and paste that into the comment section. You can also take a screen shot, upload it to a picture sharing site, and then post the picture here if you’re tech savvy enough for that.
  5. Everyone here can guess, and the finest internet points will be distributed to the correct answer.