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FanPulse: How many games do we need for a ‘meaningful season’?

Personally, I’ll be happy with any baseball.

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This week’s FanPulse questions were about what might happen if we have a shortened season.

The first question was about how many games we need to consider it a “meaningful season”. Personally, I’ll take anything now. I’m not going to complain if we get 40 games. I just want baseball. Day 13 in the house, I’m liking the idea of anything that feels normal, if safe.

The second was about the proposed 5 round draft. It is a tough question. Teams haven’t been able to watch players this year. How do they know who they might want to draft? Doing 30 rounds doesn’t seem like something they could get through. 5? I don’t know. Maybe 10? It is above my pay scale to figure it all out.

Third question: Should there still be a spring training? I think there has to be. Throwing pitchers straight into regular season games without building up their arms some would be asking for injuries.

Will there be an All-Star game? Oh I don’t care. Don’t bother, throw in an extra couple of games on the season. For me they could skip the All-Star game every year.

If the season ends late should next season be delayed? I guess it depends on late the end of the season goes. If they finish the World Series in January, yeah they will have delay next season. If it ends later in November, no let’s try to get back to normal. Somewhere in between? Well, I’d like to think they will try get back to normal if at all possible.