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Tuesday Bantering: Suggest a baseball book

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s OOTP baseball game against the Red Sox has been cancelled due to rain. Tomorrow there will be a double-header.

The was this one bit of OOTP world news:

And Randal Grichuk is ‘day-to-day’ for two days with ‘a cold’. Just a cold. I hope he is quarantined just to make sure.

There is a little bit of real baseball world news:

I get the feeling that there was a gun to his back when he said it, but I know MLB is looking for a way to get it done. With how bad it is in Florida, I’m thinking the plan of playing games there isn’t likely to happen.

The Blue Jays (and several other MLB teams) will be playing managers, coaches and other staff to the end of May,

During the Blue Jays’ town hall last week, club president Mark Shapiro told staff that “all full-time employees and part-timers who work full-time hours are included in the May 31 guarantee,” the spokesperson said. The club declined to reveal specific workforce numbers.

And players will continue to be paid:

Meanwhile, players continue to be paid. In an agreement with the players’ association in late March, MLB agreed to pay clubs $170 million to cover players’ salaries in April and May, with pay to be pro-rated if and when the season starts this year. Players’ service time would not be affected, regardless of whether games are played in 2020.

I wanted your opinions on baseball books to read. I’ve review copies of a couple of books, Bob Elliot’s If These Walls Could Talk and Brad Bulukjian’s The Wax Pack and can recommend both.

I got the Sandman Omnibus editions for Christmas and I’m, slowly, making my way through it. I wanted to read it before the Netflix show comes out (I guess I’ll have more time, since production has stopped because of COVID). I read it kind of intermittently back when it was coming out.

But I’m looking for another baseball book to read, so I’m open to suggestions.