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Off-Topic: Checking In

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

We haven’t had a check-in post in a couple of weeks, so I thought we could again.Here? Well, finally the weather has started turning towards spring, so I’ve been on my bike some, which helps my overall attitude. The MS ride I was signed up for hasn’t been canceled yet (I’m sure it will be, but they will wait as long as they can to hope for more donations, charities are getting their butts kicked too).

And we’ve had a couple of video drinking parties. It is nice to see some faces that aren’t in aren’t inside this house.We are ordering food from my favorite local bar fairly often, I’d like them to still be there when this all ends.

On the downside, you might have noticed that SB has “furloughed” (a term I hadn’t heard before in this context) a bunch of writers. Some very good writers. Mostly full-time types, us part-time people still have jobs. It is understandable. Ad revenue is way down everywhere. For our part, we’ve been told no changes are planned for the team sites. I can imagine there will be changes if baseball doesn’t come back someday.I watched Bloodline on Netflix. It was ok, well acted, but then long stretches of nothing happening. And I’m slowly reading Sandman from stat to finish. I wanted to read it all before the Netflix series comes out. I’m seeing now that the Netflix series will be delayed, along with everything else because of the pandemic.

We had plans of renting a place in some small town in Alberta, to try out small-town life, for a month or two this summer. Since the idea was to have a local bar, breakfast place, and all that stuff and now none of it can happen. We’ll put it off for a year (hoping 2021 is a more normal year).

Let us know how you are doing and what you are doing to get through this (I hope it isn’t by freebasing Lysol).