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FanPulse: What are you missing most without baseball?

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The first question was “What are you missing most without baseball?” I’m missing GameThreads. Missing having baseball news to talk about. Missing getting to see young players improve in front of our eyes. Missing wondering about when prospects will be called up. Missing the excitement of walk-off wins. I’m missing seeing great plays on defense. I’m missing batters fight off a good pitch. I’m missing it all.

I feel bad for the players who are missing a year of a short career. Older players who might have been going into their last season. Younger players who would have added service time and who would have solidified their spot in the lineup.

But then it all pales compared to saving lives. That’s what really matters.

Right now I’m ok with any sort of long as they are staying safe.

Again, I’m ok with any kind of games, as long as it is safe.

I don’t really care about All-Star games in normal seasons. I don’t think there will be an All-Star game, but then I’m thinking there won’t be a season and that’s more important to me.