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Tuesday Bantering: Links

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Run a baseball blog, Tom. It will be fun. You can talk about baseball all the time. I wish they would have told me that baseball might disappear.

I’m less hopeful about baseball coming back when I read about the number of states that are ‘under reporting’ their numbers because they don’t want the president to look bad. I figure if they don’t want him to look bad, get him to stop putting orange makeup on each day, but don’t lie.

Florida fired a woman reporting the numbers because she wouldn’t lie.

The lying helps cause things like this.

I like that we are finally seeing reporters question the owners statements. A league that incentivized tanking is claiming poverty and it takes this long to start questioning things the owners say.

From the Premiership:

This is unbelievable.

Todd Zolecki’s new book on Roy Halladay is out. There is a excerpt on

If anyone reads it and wants to review it for us, that would be great.

Furloughing is a term I haven’t heard in this context until this pandemic.

I agree.