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What Blue Jays jerseys do you own?

Since it is Jersey week, or the end of Jersey week, at SB, I thought I’d ask Blue Jays jerseys you own?

I have a few:

  • Of course I have a powder blue one. I’ll have to find it and compare with Minor Leaguer’s post to see which it is.
  • I have a signed Marcus Stroman Fisher Cats jersey, which I won in an auction. They say it was Stroman’s but is is very long. He’s no taller than me and it is very long on me.
  • I have a signed Brett Laurie jersey, from a Jays Care auction. If I have your name on a jersey, you won’t be a Jay very long.
  • In the black jerseys, I have a Roy Halladay (not signed) that I got for Christmas, the year before he was traded. I lent it to someone, and forgot about it until he was elected to the Hall. I got it back so I could wear it for his induction.
  • I have two Canada Day Jerseys. I really like them, I took them with me to Morocco, in part because they say Canada on them.
  • And I have a Blue one with no name on it, because I didn’t want to feel like I was getting someone traded.