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Question Time: What sports moments have made you cry?

MLB: Baseball Hall of Fame-Induction Ceremony Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

SB has been giving us topics of the week, to help us get through this sportless existence. This week the topic is sports moments that made you cry. So the question I have for you is simply what sports moments have made you cry. You can answer in the comments, or we can always use more fanposts, if you want to write about it in more detail.I’m not the crying type unless you put on the end of A Wonderful Life. “Look Daddy, teacher said when ever a bell rings an angel gets his wings”. And I’ve had the odd, sad moment dealing with my parents and their dementia.

The couple of sports moments that have caused me to tear up were:

John McDonald’s Father’s Day home run. It was just so perfect. It couldn’t have been scripted better. Then, when you find out about the relationship he and his father had, it makes it that much better. A meaningless home run (as far as winning or losing is concerned) in a game already long lost and yet it was just perfect (ok, if it was a walk-off game-winner it would have been perfect too, but if it hadn’t been a blowout John wouldn’t have been in the game.

We can relate to the emotions John had at that moment. It was beautiful and sad and everything else all at the same time.The other moment was when Brandi Halladay gave the speech for Doc at the Hall of Fame Induction. I thought she did a terrific job. Minor Leaguer and I and friends were there and, while I won’t speak for ML, I was sniffling through it.

And I had some teary moments during the funeral for Doc too. Anytime they focused the camera on his kids I thought a) don’t show his kids, let them grieve in peace, and b) I can’t imagine how sad they are.

So tell us about the sports moments that have made you cry.