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Off-Topic Thread: Favorite Superhero Movie

2019 CinemaCon - Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Special Presentation Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage

What is your favorite superhero movie?

I rewatched the last two Avengers movies this week. I liked them and End Game might be my answer to the question. I thought they did a great job of getting all the characters in and making an enjoyable story out of something that could have been a mess.

Disclaimer time: I’ve read comics for a long time. I have more comics in my house than anything else (even more than guitars). I stopped buying them weekly a few years ago, but I still occasionally look in. I’m slowly reading the Sandman series at the moment.

Beyond End Game I really liked Captain America: Civil War. Why? It reminded me of the of the Marvel comics from when I was a kid. Heroes fighting heroes, for pretty shaky reasons. The big fight scene was terrific. And then the smaller fight scene with Captain America, Winter Soldier and Iron Man was better.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was surprisingly good too.

Anyway, give us your pick for best superhero movie.