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Off-Topic: Checking In

only essential industries are open as the province shut down non-essential services and industries to help slow the spread of COVID-19 Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

It has been a while since we’ve checked in.

My province is starting to open up. I think that it won’t change things for me. I’d rather continue keeping distance and keeping healthy.

We have been ordering take out from my favorite bar, once a week, and they told me they were trying to figure out how to spread out the tables. And they have ordered a bunch of ‘sanitation stations’. I figure I might occasionally go in the middle of the afternoon, because I’m missing it, but I wouldn’t go at lunch or supper time or in the evening.

On Netflix, I’m watching Dead to Me, mostly because I want to get away from the dark crime shows I had been watching. I’m not sure what I want to watch after that. I’m still very slowly getting through Sandman.

And I’m trying to run and bike and try to slow the weight gain from sitting and eating all the time.

I bought a gimbri, a Morrocan guitar-like thing, when we were on holiday. I’m going to figure out how to tune and figure what I can do with it. It is fretless and tuned strange but is very cool looking. I think someone who understands music better than me, could do some cool things with it. Me? I’d just like to figure how to tune it and see if I can make any kind of music with it. This is it:

And I’ve watched bits and pieces of the Jays replay games and the occasional hockey replay.

Let us know how you are coping with the never-ending weirdness.