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MLB Proposes Shorter Season

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The negotiations through the press continues. The MLB is proposing a 50ish game season, going with the pro-rated pay that was agreed to in March.

It seems like the idea is to get the total pay out of salaries to be about what they offered with the 80 game schedule idea that suggested before.

50 games is pretty short. I’d prefer, if they are going to play, that they play at least 80 games. 50 games would make every game of the season important. And all teams would have a chance at making the expanded playoffs. Even the Orioles could get lucky and win 30 of 50 games.

But I’m thinking now that the Owners have said the pro-rated pay is ok, it looks to me like the negotiations will center on season length.

Apparently the Commissioner has the right to set the length of season. That would go over great with the players.


What is your feeling now? This year we’ll have

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    A 110ish game season
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    An 80ish game season
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  • 10%
    A 50ish game season
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    No season
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