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2020 MLB Draft Day One Open Thread

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Previews Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The 2020 MLB Draft gets underway at 7:00 EDT, this year carried on TSN3 as well as livestreamed on (hmm, I wonder what could possibly account for ESPN and TSN’s sudden interest in televising the MLB Draft?). Unlike the past few years, only the first round and competitive balance round will be tonight rather than the first two rounds and associated sandwich rounds. with five minutes in between picks in the first round, and then one minute per pick afterwards with some short breaks in betwen rounds.

The Blue Jays will pick 5th, so assuming the first pick comes in closer to 7:15 and five minutes or so in between, likely between 7:30 and 7:45 EDT. That will be their only pick tonight.

In addition to the profiles myself and Expos45 did of the most plausible candidates, here are a few useful resources:

The consensus seems to have the Jays locked in on Minnesota RHP Max Meyer, and in recent years they’ve been pretty accurate, with frequent ties to Aek Manoah last year and Logan Warmoth and Nate Pearson in 2017. Will it come to pass this year? Tune and join us to find out!