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2020 MLB Draft Day 2 Open Thread

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Previews Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The remaining four rounds of the greatly abbreviated 2020 MLB Draft will conclude today, getting underway at 5:00 PM EDT (link to broadcast). The Blue Jays will have the following selections”

  • 2nd round, 42th overall — $1,771,100 slot value
  • 3rd round, 77th overall — $805,600 slot value
  • 4th round — $549,000 slot value
  • 5th round, 136th overall — $410,100 slot value

After selecting Vanderbilt SS Austin Martin yesterday — represented by Scott Boras and likely to sign in excess of the slot value of of $6,180,700 — it’ll be interesting to see how the Jays draft today. With a day to have got some sense of the demands, will they play things straight up and take players who will require full slot to sign, or they they consciously make a pick or picks to create some slot room. When you only get five picks total, punting has a much higher opportunity cost.

With the 5% cushion on their overall pool of $9,716,500 that gives the Jays another $485,825 to work with. If they don’t want to punt any picks, one strategy could be to simply the other four guys, and then make a ~$6.66-million of all the remaining room and dare Boras and Martin to turn it down. But either way, we should get some idea by later today.