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Reacts: Jays fans are happy with the Jays draft

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The immediate future of MLB couldn’t be more in question. However, attention around the league, at least momentarily, turned to the game’s next wave at the MLB Draft.

Blue Jays fans, specifically, are excited for what is to come. 90 percent of Blue Jays fans gave the team an A-grade for their first-round selection of shortstop Austin Martin out of Vanderbilt. Toronto selected the righty with the 5th pick in the first round.

Most of us were surprised when Martin was still available at the fifth pick. I’m sure the front office was surprised as well. I wonder who they would have gone with if Martin wasn’t available.

We are still waiting to see if they can get him signed.

The Blue Jays made five selections during the truncated five-round draft, selecting one infielder, one outfielder and three pitchers.

As a class, 57 percent of Blue Jays fans gave the team a A and 87% had them at A or B. I’m pretty sure that nothing this Jays front office has done has been so well liked.

The team has signed their second round pick (CJ Van Eyk for $1.8 million), third round pick (Trent Palmer for $850,000) and their fifth round pick (Zach Britton (I’m still spelling it Zack half the time) for $97,500).

Despite the excitement now, most fans don’t think any of the newly-drafted players will make an impact on the big-league team for a few seasons. More than 90 percent of fans don’t expect a player to break through until at least next season – assuming there is a 2020 season (and, for that matter, assuming there is a 2022 season) – with the highest percentage looking to 2022.

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