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MLB Season to start July 23 or 24

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Seems like it is all decided. Training camps will start July 1. Regular season July 23rd or 24th.

Teams will train at their home park, except for the Blue Jays, who apparently will train at Dunedin. They haven’t said where the Jays will play.

Each team will play 10 games against the other four teams in their division and 4 against the teams in the same division in the other league. They will only make one trip to each city. We will likely see the schedule soon.

And, after saying the NL wouldn’t use the DH, now they say the NL will use the DH. And extra innings will start with a running on second base.

Trade deadline is set at August 31. Deadline to be eligible to play in the playoffs will be September 15.

Rosters will be 30 players, for the first 2 weeks. 28 for the next two weeks and 26 after. In September the rosters will be 28 players. Teams will have a 60 man pool including a ‘taxi squad’ and they will travel with 3 extra players, one a catcher. IL team will be a minimum of 10 days, even for pitchers. And the 3-batter rule for relievers will be used.

Charlie Blackmon and 2 other Rockies have tested positive for COVID.

Keith Law points out what should be the obvious:

It sounds like there will be a COVID IL that likely won’t have a minimum number of days to sit out. I’m hoping not too too many players end up using it.

I’m a baseball fan, so I’ll be happy to see the games, but, with the numbers the States are posting, I think playing is a bad idea.

Here is another new idea:

It is looking unlikely they will play in Toronto: