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Blue Jays Sporcle: How many current Jays can you name?

The MLB season is re-starting, so it’s time to refresh our memories about the Toronto Blue Jays.

MLB: Spring Training-Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball finally has plans to re-start the 2020 season, with each club asking their players to report to camp by July 1. We don’t know yet where the Blue Jays will be holding said camp, but while we wait for that to be sorted out I figure this is a good opportunity for us to refresh our minds about who is actually on Toronto’s 40-man roster.

So, before you look up the roster, go ahead and try this Sporcle quiz to see how many names you can remember! If it does not work or display well in your browser, here is the direct link.

It’s been so long since I have actually thought about the roster that I don’t think I would’ve gotten more than 22ish names if I had actually done this quiz. (This is bad, coming from someone who actually makes maps based on the 40-man roster. But don’t cheat by clicking on that link until you try the Sporcle quiz!)

If you want to discuss the answers you missed in the comments, remember to use the “spoiler” feature to hide them to keep the game fun for everyone.

Good luck!