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“Multiple” Blue Jays players and staff test positive

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Shi Davidi tells us that multiple players and staff of the Blue Jays have tested positive to COVID-19.

Shi doesn’t tell us how many a ‘multiple’ is, but it is from the outbreak that caused them to close workouts in Dunedin.

I’m not sure how the Jays can convince themselves that they can train in Florida. The state is pretty much radioactive. I can hardly imagine going to Tampa to play the Rays when the season is going. Or going to play the Marlins (never mind that Atlanta isn’t looking any better).

If games are to start in 30ish days, guys testing positive right now are likely to miss up to half of the training time. It seems hard to believe that pitchers could be ready for the season if they only have 2 weeks of training time, after returning from whatever level of illness they have with COVID. It is easy to call cases ‘mild’ when it isn’t you that’s having the symptoms.

Shi tells us that that the Jays still hope to play in Toronto. I don’t live in Toronto, but I don’t know what I’d think about bringing people into the city who could have been exposed to the virus.

What would you place the odds of having the season go ahead at now?

Update, this says it all: