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Saturday Bantering: Blue Jays bits

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

We went over to visit with friends and had a bit to drink, I’m moving slowly this morning.

There isn’t much for positive news out there.

Arden Zwelling has a long piece talking about the challenges facing the Blue Jays in the effort to be ready for baseball in less than a month. Of course this is the bit that stands out:

“I can tell you that we expect a lot of positive tests,” Shapiro said. “As testing goes up, the numbers go up. So, if we’re testing every single person at intake, I can’t characterize what it means, but I would expect a large number of positive tests. That’s going to be part of the transition process into creating the closed environment as much as possible around our players.”

I hate terms like ‘a lot’. My definition of a lot may be different than Shapiro’s.

There are other bit:

  • They figure to have an answer of where they will practice and play on Monday.
  • They still don’t know how many players will ‘opt out’ of the season. Players who are ‘high-risk’ can sit and still get paid. Players with family members who are high-risk have a tougher choice.
  • The makeup of the 60-man roster is still up in the air. Will Jordan Groshans or Alek Manoah get a spot just to let them workout with some players?
  • The Jays are going to pay minor league players until Sept 7.

This continues to be scary stuff.

The Star has a very nice story on Tony Fernandez. You want something to make you feel good, this is it.

Not that I’m worried or anything, but I would love the Jays to announce signing Austin Martin.