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Off-topic question time: Tell us about your favorite movies

Fubon Guardians v Rakuten Monkeys - CPBL Photo by Gene Wang/Getty Images

There isn’t much for baseball news, or at least not much that I care to talk about at the moment.

Al Yellon, over at Bleed Cubbie Blue has a post up talking about the impasse that players and owners find themselves in: How MLB owners are destroying the 2020 season over a small amount of money

I might argue the ‘small amount of money’ part, but Al means small amount of money in baseball terms. Someone once said ‘a billion dollars here and a billion dollars there and soon you are talking real money’. In this case it isn’t a billion dollars here and there, but it is millions.

That they are still talking shows me that the owners know they can make a lot of money out of even a shortened season.

Let’s ask a question. Tell us about your five favorite movies.

Me? Well, my favorites change all the time.

Pulp Fiction is still my favorite. It was so different to anything that was out at the time. Leaving the theater after, my friend said that the problem was that there are going to be a lot of bad movies made copying the style. He was right.

A Wonderful Life.

Princess Bride. If I was to guess what movie I’ve watched the most times in my life, Princess Bride or Wonderful Life would be the answer. I watch WL every Christmas. And PB I watch every time I notice that it is on TV.

I really liked Parasite, so lets have that on my list.

And five? Too many good choices. Let’s go with Duck Soup.