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Friday Bantering: Jays to play two exhibition games in Boston

Toronto Blue Jays Summer Workouts Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

Happy Friday.

The Jays had their first intrasquad game yesterday.

It sounds like they were short outfielders. They used a coach in center field (Matt Buschman), Andy Burns and Riley Adam in the corners. And there is this:

Which is one of the worries I have about playing in a pandemic (being fair, it is one of roughly 300 worries, and this one doesn’t involve someone dying): What if a team loses most of their pitchers to Covid? Or most of any position? If we went into the season with only one outfielder, it could be pretty tough to win.

Apparently Rowdy Tellez and Bo Bichette homered. Shoemaker threw 60ish pitches. He allowed 4 hits.

Julian Merryweather, Jake Petricka, Brian Moran, Simeon Woods Richardson and Joey Murray also pitched.

Media isn’t allowed anywhere near the players yet, so interviews are via zoom.

Something I’m glad about:

And you know if a player is out there will be 3000 cell phone photos of him. The dome is open so they will get fresh air. I don’t see this as a tough thing for the players to do. They would be stupid not to stay in their bubble.

I didn’t know about the exhibition games in Boston.

There is a day between the games in Boston and their first regular season game. Is regular season the right term? Irregular season?

I’ll be curious to watch for injuries with the shortened camp. I wonder if there will be more hamstring injuries and that sort of thing.

Here is Bo’s homer: