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Vladimir Guerrero to ‘focus on first base’

Toronto Blue Jays Summer Workouts Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

While I’m out, having a nice lunch, and nice beer, the Jays make news.

Charlie Montoyo tells us that Vladimir Guerrero will be focusing on first base (and DH) during summer camp. I think it is a good idea, but it would have been smarter to do this at the start of spring training, when there was a couple of months before the season started. Doing it now, a couple of weeks before the season starts is asking a lot of the guy.

Being fair, I played Vlad at first base every inning of spring training 2021 in OOTP Baseball. It is just a computer game, but he cost too many games with his defense at third.

I’m not sure how proficient he can get in 2 weeks, but he was going to be moving to the position sooner or later. And let’s face it, it’s 50/50 on the league getting in the 60-game season, why not use it as a longer training camp.

The other news that happened while I was enjoying a nice lunch was from Travis Shaw:

Personally, I’m guessing they were told, they just didn’t understand it.

Honestly, I’m not feeling sorry for them. They are in a nice hotel and with the Dome open most of the time, they are getting enough fresh air. I’m lucky to have quarantined in a pretty nice house, but I didn’t have a back yard the size of Rogers Centre.

Randal Grichuk tried to smooth things.

Yes, it is tough not to get to go to your favorite restaurants for a few days, but we’ve all been through that. That’s the price you pay for getting to cross the border when others aren’t allowed.

Being fair, everyone is allowed moments of letting their emotions out. I’d hate to be judged on my moments of letting my emontions out during this rather trying times. I mean stuck in Morocco, finally getting a flight home, 2 weeks of quarantine (which basically turned into a month and a half of quarantine when the weather was terrible and there wasn’t anywhere to go anyway). I had my moments.

But the players are going to have to understand that if they are crossing the border, especially after being in the southern states, we are going to expect them too be overly careful when they come back. It is a small price to pay for still having a job. Many of us no longer have a job. And that’s minor compared to the many many others who are sick, or have been sick, or have lost family.

Many of us that it was a terrible idea to let them cross in the first place. Don’t make us even more irritated that they are given a break that most of us aren’t allowed.