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Reacts: Surprise, Yankees, Astros are the most disliked teams in baseball

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While the 2020 season will be extremely shortened, the new schedule does put an increased importance on winning divisional games. That often means needing to beat a team’s biggest rival.

During Rivalry Week, SB Nation Reacts asked baseball fans who specifically they saw as their favorite team’s biggest rival. There were a few teams that clearly draw that kind of attention from many teams.

If you squint really hard you’ll see Blue Jays in tiny letters. I’d imagine if this question was asked 5 years ago the words Blue Jays would be much bigger.

Blue Jays fans specifically, believe the team’s biggest rival is the New York Yankees, followed by the Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox. I don’t think this will surprise anyone, though I’d guess that Rays would be next on the list.

There are many different kinds of rivalries. For some teams, that rivalry includes begrudging respect. That respect, however, is not universal. When fans were asked what team they disliked the most, results clearly changed. I’m a bit surprised that Astros isn’t bigger, with all that’s happened the last couple of years. There must have been a number of former Expos fans voting to get the Nationals in large print.

Blue Jays fans felt a little differently when it comes to which teams they dislike the most. While the Yankees were still the top choice, the Astros have earned their own attention.

Many different things can contribute to the creation of a rivalry. But when it comes to what most fans dislike about their rival, the answer is clear.

Yeah fans would be my answer. I have said before that I will get the occasional email from another team’s fan that, to me, are the virtual equivalent mail written in crayon.

If the MLB schedule is able to reach the playoffs and conclude as planned, the winner of these rivalries will shape the season. More than that, it will give fans additional bragging rights.

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