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Sunday Bantering: Dan and Buck to do TV broadcasts this year

Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

There isn’t much for Jays stuff this morning (well, morning where I am).

As mentioned by yyzcalifornia in yesterday’s thread on Nate Pearson, Dan Shulman and Buck Martinez will be doing the TV broadcasts this season (presuming there are games to broadcast). Pat Tabler has decided to stay home (a decision I very much respect, I wouldn’t want to do anything that, I felt, could case my family harm) but will jump in on pre and post game shows on occasion. This was mentioned by Joe Siddall on the Writers Bloc podcast July 9 (at the very end of a 2 hour and 18 minute podcast. I’m not a huge podcast guy, but I prefer them to be inside an hour.

I guess the broadcasters will have to be in the same ‘bubble’ as the players.

Dan and Joe Siddall are doing the intrasquad games next week. Buck is quarantining (that is a word right?) separate from the team. I’ll admit I’m worried that we’ll end up with a broadcaster or two killed by the virus in this rather ill-advised attempt at a season.

Off-topic, but someone (Rob Silver?) on twitter asked how many deaths would be too many in this season (support staff, broadcast team, players, coaches and all)? My answer was to ask how many deaths do we normally have during a season. There are always accidents of some sort and they are part of the cost of doing business. I don’t know the answer to the second question, so I don’t know the answer to the first. I’ll hope there are none.

And games will be back on the radio this week:

No intrasquad game today.

It is Ron Fairly’s birthday today. He would have been 82 today, but he passed last October.

Fairly was an original Blue Jay. He played in game two. At 38 he or Roy Howell was the best hitting on that team, putting up a .279/.362/.465 line with 19 home runs, mostly as DH (we had 3 or 4 guys on that team who would have been best served as DH).

He was coming to the end of a long and very good career. After the season he was traded to the Angels for Butch Alberts and Pat Kelly. Butch had 18 MLB at bats as a Jay, Kelly had 7. Fairly hit .217/.289/.366 in 91 games with the Angels and that was the end of his career.

He played 21 seasons in the MLB. Hit .266/.360/.408 with 215 home runs in 2442 games.

6 of those seasons were the with the Expos (he wasn’t an original Expo, but he was there in year two). He was an All-Star with both the Expos and Jays.

Post-career he worked as a broadcaster for the Angels, Giants and Mariners.

Richie Martin, of the Orioles, broke his wrist. I’m imagining he won’t be back for this season, but I don’t know how badly broken it is.