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Chase Anderson out with oblique strain

Milwaukee Brewers v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Chase Anderson has an oblique strain and is day-to-day.

Oblique strains always seem to last longer than we figure they should, but, with about 12 days until the start of the season (yes I laugh every time I see those words too), odds are slim that he will be part of the rotation at the start.

I’ll admit I have a hard time separating the real life Chase from the sim Chase who has been so bad in our sim season (and my sim season, where I released him). But OOTP isn’t real life.

So there is an open spot in the 5-man rotation. Right now it is Ryu, Shoemaker, Roark, Thornton and now one of Borucki, Pearson and perhaps Waguespack. Odds are that Pearson will be sitting for the first 7 days.

Borucki is looking good in camp, but I’d love to get to see Pearson every fifth day.

And Travis Shaw ‘clarified’ his twitter comments:

I’d would have hoped things were explained to the players before they got to Toronto, but I can understand that players might not have taken it all in.

Players, coming from the US, may have different feelings on how serious the pandemic than the rest of us do. And, of course, baseball players are in that age group who think they are immune to it, so I can understand why he would be have been surprised how serious we are taking it here.

I’m fine with the statement Shaw has made here.

And no, I’m not opening some debate on whether Convid is serious or not. If you want you can just take it for granted that I’ve been brainwashed by scientists and whoever, but this isn’t the place to debate this subject.