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Jays to honor Tony Fernandez

BBA-BLUE JAYS-TIGERS-FERNANDEZ Photo credit should read JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images

The Blue Jays are going to honor Tony Fernandez this season with a number 1 shoulder patch.

I have a slight grumble that we do these things after the player has died, I think it would have been great to celebrate Fernandez when he was around to be part of it, so that he could see that we remember him. But that’s life.

I love seeing that sidearm flip again.

The patch:

Lourdes Gurriel and Hector Perez might be coming to Toronto to join their teammates:

Over at Lone Star Ball, Adam J. Morris writes about how ‘peer pressure’ is likely to keep MLB players from doing stupid things that might put them at risk to get Covid. He was talking about Yu Darvish saying that he was impressed with how seriously his teammates were taking this. Yu was/is considering opting out because he has small children.

In it Adam says:

This is also why, counter-intuitive though it may seem, I think there’s likely to be fewer players contracting COVID-19 through the end of the season than there would be if there were no season going on. The season occurring gives everyone somewhere to go, something to do, gives them interaction and bonding with their teammates, gives them an extremely compelling reason to make sure they stay safe. They have a purpose, and they have as part of that an obligation to their teammates that they are assuming.

He’s likely right, there might be fewer players get the virus because they are forced to take it seriously, when, if they weren’t playing they might tend to do things that are more likely to put them at risk. Adam says he is “cautiously optimistic that the MLB season will happen” because of this peer pressure.

I do think it is possible that far fewer players end up having Covid because of the work the teams are doing to protect them. But then, my concern about baseball coming to Toronto isn’t the players. I’m more worried about the team bringing the virus into the city and that more people in Toronto will become sick because of that. The players can make an informed decision to play and take the risk. People that they come in contact with don’t get to make that informed decision.

I think the Jays are doing as good a job as possible in keeping away from the public. I’m not sure visiting teams will do as well. And one person getting sick because baseball comes to Toronto is more more than I’d like.