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Tuesday Bantering: Lineups

Toronto Blue Jays Summer Workouts Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

The team, quietly, put Wilmer Font on the 10-day IL. Since they did it quietly, we can guess why he is on the IL.

I get that there are reasons for not saying players have Covid, but I also feel that know numbers of players with Covid is something that should be known. It would give us more information on whether there should be baseball.

Tonight’s lineups:

There are real outfielders in the outfield.

And we get to see Vlad play first. No pressure young man, but the eyes of the country are on you. And will be grading you.

Minor Leaguer asked, on Twitter, who you are cheering for? I’m cheering for no injuries, but I’m watching carefully to see if anyone coughs.

And we still don’t know where the team’s home games will be played. Dunedin is a no go. Buffalo is tough. And Toronto needs the government to sign off. .