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Team talks about the government’s decision

Atlanta Braves v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Mark ​Shapiro spoke to the press about today’s decision (I used to get invited to telephone press conferences at one time).

Well, I’m guessing community health wasn’t the top concern for all. If it was, the province and city wouldn’t have approved. No matter what, the approval wasn’t based on community health. You could possibly think that there is slim chance of someone getting sick from the teams coming to town, but you can’t think there is no chance. You can decide that the chance is so slim it is worth it.

And he tells us that Dunedin and Buffalo are not the only options:

It really sounds more and more like Buffalo won’t work. He said there are space and infrastructure issues at Buffalo. Triple A clubhouses aren’t anything like major league clubhouses. And when you want the players to distance, well the clubhouses there really won’t work. There would be a lot of construction that would have to be done.

Yeah, ‘player health standpoint’ Dunedin would be a terrible place to be.

This one makes it sounds like it is the other teams coming into the country that had the government worried.

Anyway the team is playing intrasquad again today. The lineups: