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Sunday Bantering: Where will the Jays play?

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates
This is a beautiful park, let’s play here.

It is Sunday right?

It sounds like Buffalo and Dunedin are out of the running for the Blue Jays home field. The team seems to be focused on sharing an MLB park or two to use for their home games. I think it makes sense. Buffalo just doesn’t have enough clubhouse space for two MLB teams, especially since they will want to spread out. It just wouldn’t be comfortable. Add in the lighting concerns and it just looks like too much work would have to be done. There are hotels near the park, but I’m not sure if they are ones that MLB teams would like staying in.

Dunedin just seems like asking for the virus to put too many of the players out of the lineup.

I’m sure they could find MLB parks whose teams have off-days that would work for them. It is a mess, but it is what it is.

I’m sure Rogers will be less than thrilled when some other team holds the Jays hostage and it costs them whatever profit they thought they were going to make off this mess of a season. I am expecting a new service charge to appear on my cell bill (Jays travel charge).

In news that will surprise everyone, Hyun-Jin Ryu will be our starter on opening day against the Rays. I wonder what Tropicana Field will look like with the stands empty?

Brandon Drury is likely to join the team in Boston. They will have to make a decision on whether he makes the roster pretty quickly.

It looks like the team is expecting the players to police themselves while they pick their way through the season (I only wanted the second of the tweets below to show).

Chase Anderson will start the season on the IL. And Trent Thornton will be in the rotation. That leaves one open rotation spot.

They expect Lourdes Gurriel will be ready to play on opening day.

The Jays will face Charlie Morton and Ryan Yarbrough in the first two games of the season.

Forcing the players to stay quarantined was the best thing for our Jays players. I hope they continue to be overly careful as the continue the season.

I’m totally tired of the ‘they let the NHL play here, why not the Jays’. Apples and oranges. NHL players aren’t crossing back and forth over the border. They are quarantining before hand and will stay in Canada until they are finished their season. They aren’t playing in Florida and then coming to Canada, then playing in another Covid hotspot then coming to Canada. If the MLB teams were just coming in and staying, I’m sure something could be worked out, but since they aren’t I’m happy my government choose the safe route. And I think Rosie DiManno is totally wrong in saying it was a political decision (I know it would be a first that I’ve found her opinion totally wrong). It was a health decision. Far from a political decision.

I’m as big a baseball fan as there is (and I live out here in Calgary, so I’d be safe with them coming into Toronto) but it would hurt my fandom if someone in Toronto got sick because we let the MLB play there.

I’m worried enough that the worst is yet to come here in Canada. I’m noticing the uptick in cases here in Alberta. I’m a bit on the cautious side. My gym is opening (in a limited way) but I’m not going to go, as much as I need a workout. Barbershops are open, but I’m going to wait on getting a haircut until the numbers start going down again (I have trimmed the Covid beard, not enough to make my wife happy, but but enough the the ZZ Top jokes have stopped). I have gone to my favorite bar a couple of times, but I’ve also walked passed it after looking in and seeing it was busy (in a limited way, they have about half the normal tables) several times. I’ve picked my moments, when it is almost empty. I do like that bit of normal.

I am hoping that the players stay safe and that all goes well. I’m concerned about their welfare and about their families and all those that work to bring us our entertainment.