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Marlins/Orioles game cancelled because of Covid outbreak

MLB: Miami Marlins at Cincinnati Reds Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s home opener for the Marlins has been canceled. The team has 14 known cases of Convid. The played in Philadelphia last night. The Blue Jays are scheduled to be in Philadelphia Friday. Right now all the Philles clubhouse attendants are quarantined. The Yankees are bringing their own clubhouse people to Philadelphia with them for the series that was to start tonight. I can’t imagine they will be playing tonight, as the Phillies will be waiting for results of their own Covid testing. The Marlins are still in Philadelphia. It might be a while before they can fly anyway.

There is a fair bit to unpack here, let’s start with:

There isn’t a league standard? Players get to vote to decide to play. I can’t see how the league would allow that.

Let’s face it, the players in the games we’ve seen have been pretty lax about taking precautions. Coaches are supposed to wear masks, but yesterday I notice that Daunte Bichette wasn’t wearing a mask on the bench. There are pitches of Don Mattingly on the Marlins bench with the mask pulled down under his chin. Players are high fiving and sitting closely on the bench.

It really doesn’t seem like the teams have taken this seriously.

This seems to me to be the sane opinion. Why take that level of risk, not to mention you are playing across from guys who were exposed. There has been no announcement of the Yankees/Phillies game being cancelled but I’d expect it would be. I wonder if the Yankees are booked in at the same hotel the Marlins are in?

I think we owe a thank you to the Canadian Government for being the adults in the rooms and keeping teams out of Canada. For the Blue Jays, they are going to a fair bit of expense to bring the park in Buffalo up to MLB standards. Will baseball still be going by the time they are scheduled to play there?

How to brush this under the rug will be the first order of business.

Beyond that, I would think the Marlins wouldn’t be able to play for two weeks. Do they continue the season with one team down? If they can play with one team down, how many does it take before they wipe the season.

I was really enjoying baseball.


The MLB should

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    Shut the season down now
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    Shut the season down for the Marlins but continue for the other teams
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  • 40%
    The Marlins have a 60-man roster, continue playing with whatever players are healthy
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