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More Covid stuff

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies
Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

In the world of good news and bad news....let’s do the bad news first.

Four more Marlins tested positive for Covid.

The good news, none of the Phillies tested positive. That’s not the end, Covid can take 2-14 days to incubate in a person’s body (which, if I was a Phillies’ player, is the only thing I would be able to think about at the moment). They won’t be in the clear for a while.

I don’t know how often the players were tested before, but I’m guessing the Phillies and Marlins will be tested a ton over the next week.

The Phillies/Yankees game for tonight has been cancelled.

The question is would you be wanting to play the Marlins? The Nationals don’t:

Because, apparently, this is how we decide important things now, by letting the player vote. Not, you know, listen to experts. Of course, you couldn’t get me to go to Florida with a gun right now, so I’m on the player’s side.

I don’t know where MLB goes from here. The Marlins replace half their roster? How is that not a mockery of the game?

I really don’t know what MLB should do. I enjoyed watching yesterday’s Blue Jays game so much. It feels good to do something normal again. On the weekend I was doing a bunch of bike riding, but I did watch some of the baseball in a bar with a cold beer and it was great.

Is it worth people getting sick over?

It is a tough choice for me. It is so much more fun to write about actual baseball than virtual baseball. I kind of have a small vested interest in baseball happening. If there is no baseball for another 8 months or a year, will we still be around to talk about it.

I’d also like to think I have a vested interest in people not getting sick. And, it isn’t just the players. If 17 Marlins players and coaches have it, then, odds are, they have passed it on to other people. The players made an informed decision to play (we can argue about how informed it was later) but the people around them didn’t get the same vote.

The Jays are to play the Marlins starting on August 11, in Buffalo. Let’s have a poll:


The Blue Jays/Marlins 2 game series will

This poll is closed

  • 31%
    (166 votes)
  • 68%
    Not happen
    (361 votes)
527 votes total Vote Now

This doesn’t fill me with confidence.

So he’s tested positive 5 times? 6 times? More? I’m not smart enough to know what this means.