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Tonight’s Cardinals/Brewers game postponed

Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Soon baseball is going to have to decide when enough is enough.Tonight’s game between the Cardinals and Brewers has been postponed due to two positive tests (at the moment) among the Cardinals. If there are no more positive tests, they will play tomorrow. I’m not sure what the odds are of that, but I guess we’ll see.

MLB is, of course, making this up as they go along. The other day the Marlins and Phillies played even though several Marlins tested positive. Thankfully they learned from that experience.That makes six teams who have had their games postponed tonight, so 20% of the league.

On the one hand, I’m glad MLB is taking 2 tests seriously. They did learn something from how badly the last outbreak was handled. This is good. They should be able to learn. When they were negotiating this season, baseball didn’t know how bad things were going to get. Who knew how badly the US would handle this? I mean, you and I knew that they were doing bad, but we didn’t know it would blow up this badly. And, being reasonable people, we thought the Americans would learn. They would see that it was going bad and would finally start taking this seriously.On the other hand.....I figured a few positive tests would make baseball rethink this season. They have had more than I hoped, and they are still playing to push on. What is the number of positive they will need before they scrub this season? I’m hoping they have figured out what that is by now, because if they make this a moving is going to be like a dripping tap, it is going to drip faster and faster, and they won’t notice when it is just functioning a faucet turned on.

I have loved watching the games. I don’t know, for myself, what number would make me stop watching. If 5 Jays test positive, do I keep watching? 10? 15? Is it one getting very sick? If a player or team support person dies, do I keep watching?I liked sports when it was easy.

I continue to be thankful that the Canadian Government overruled the Provincial Government and denied the MLB access to play here.