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Friday Bantering: Today’s baseball stuff

MLB: JUL 30 Nationals at Blue Jays Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Bits of news:

  • All the Jays reporters are telling us that the Blue Jays figure Ken Giles will pitch again this season (presuming). They are saying it is a forearm strain and that he got a Platelet-rich plasma injection.
  • Ross Atkins says that Sahlen Field will be ready for August 11th. “It doesn’t feel like that is happening any time soon. We’re confident we’ll be ready.” August 11th does sound like years away.
  • If you have a Baseball Prospectus membership, they have a rather in-depth look at Nate Pearson’s first start. They are a little divided on whether he should be a starter or a reliever, but for the most part, they were impressed.

NG: He was good but, I don’t think he’s close to where he will be eventually. There’s elite stuff there with an electric fastball and a sharp slider that pairs well with a change that looks to be above average. The command and secondaries will become more consistent with time. When they do, he’ll be a top-of-the-rotation starter.

  • Ross Atkins says that Julian Merryweather is ‘progressing well’ in recovery from his oblique injury. And that he and Patrick Murphy are “exciting guys down in Rochester”.
  • I don’t know that this is possible, but he’s gotta say something:
  • If you were a healthy Marlin player, would you opt out now?
  • If you were as old as I am, you would remember this people that would spin plates on long sticks. They would have 5-10 plates spinning on sticks and would run around keeping the spinning going. MLB has like 50 spinning plates. I don’t know that they can run fast enough to keep them from crashing.
  • And, just so you can see that the current MLB plan isn’t the worst possible plan. Seems like everybody is claiming they have a plan that would work. None of them are going to happen:
  • The Jays Care 50-50 draw deadline has been moved to August 11th. Jays Care does good work. I can’t buy a ticket out here, but if you can maybe should: