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Monday Bantering: MLB’s testing troubles

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

I was missing over the weekend, my oldest boy was called to the bar, he is now a lawyer, so we were in Edmonton for that. The ceremony was very nice. It is always good to hear people say nice things about my boy. And of course there was parties and drinking and all.

Apparently the Blue Jays have made it to Toronto. Well, some of the Jays.

A downtown hotel?? They are staying at the hotel at the dome right?

Around the league there was a bunch of troubles with testing.

With the season only a bit more than 2 weeks away, having to sit for a few days isn’t a good thing.

They are to announce the schedule at 6:00 Eastern.

You would think this stuff would have been figured out before they started.

The Nationals GM has it right.

Britt has a story at the Athletic:

There was initial skepticism that one lab in Salt Lake City, Utah would be able to handle the volume of the league’s tests with a turnaround of 24-48 hours. Those concerns seem more valid after the first weekend. On Sunday, Oakland was forced to cancel its position players’ workout because it didn’t have all its intake test results. The A’s pitchers and catchers still took the field, but with an already shortened three-week summer camp, that hardly seems fair.

If I was a player I’d be thinking about opting out.

Beyond that the Angels and two other teams, say their testers didn’t show up on Sunday (I wonder if baseball took into account that this was a holiday weekend).

I don’t know, it is sounding more and more like they should just give up and hope that things are better by next spring. I guess there was going to be troubles at the start.

They’ve gone this far, they should give it a week and see if they can get the bugs out of the system, great. If at the end of the week, it is still a mess, cancel. No harm, no foul. Of course, I don’t think baseball likes to admit to a mistake.

I keep thinking that the teams that do best will be the ones with the fewest cases.

And the Jays are waiting for testing results too:

You think they will get a full workout in before the scheduled start of the season?