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Blue Jays announce 2021 schedule

as Toronto moves into phase two with the rest of Ontario as the province tries to slow the spread of COVID-19 Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

We don’t know if we’ll be playing out the 2020 season, but we have the 2021 schedule. I was thinking that they might want to see how the end of the world plays out first, but might as well continue as it if isn’t ending.

We start the season on the road, New York and then Texas and then fly home to play the Angels and Yankees again. That’s flying from New York to Texas to Toronto without a day off, in three days.

We are in Kansas City after our first home series. I wanted to go to KC this year, April might be a bit early for me next year. I’d rather it be mid-summer but such is life.

The annual trip to our home games in Seattle is August 13-15. That would be a nice time to be in Seattle. They play the Angels just before that, so the two cities would make a nice road trip.

Though, Oakland, Houston and Atlanta in May might be a nice trip too. That’s their longest road trip of the year.

They have a couple of ten game home stands: May 14 to 24th, hosting the Phillies, Red Sox and Rays and June 24 to July 4th (we spend Canada Day at home, and also July 4th) we host the Orioles, Mariners and Rays.

We host the Yankees and Orioles to finish off the season.

Man, I’m hoping 2021 is a better year than this mess of a year has been.

Anyway, let us know what road trips you might want to take.

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