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Monday Bantering: Stroman opts out

New York Mets Summer Workouts Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Not much for Blue Jays news today, though there are a lot of pictures o the Jays new home field on Twitter. Unfortunately, SB didn’t pay me to go to Buffalo to take, likely out of focus, pictures of the newly renovated Sahlen Field (though I guess that crossing the border thing would have still been a problem.

Marcus Stroman has decided to opt out of the season. He had a calf injury and wasn’t likely to pitch until September anyway. Mets fans, at least on twitter, are not very understanding of his choice. Honestly, I respect anyone who opts out of this mess of a

On the flip side, it makes our haul of Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson seem that much better. Marcus will be a free agent after the season. The Mets got 11 starts from him.

I’m not sure what opting out will do to the contract he’ll be getting this winter.

Suspensions for the brawl from the A’s/Astros game should be coming soon. If the Astros coach isn’t suspended for the season, there is a problem. A team with more self-respect would take him off the field themselves. No coach should be saying things about a player’s mother ever. It is that much worse when the stadium is empty and you can hear what is said.

But the Astros seem to be above being punished for stuff they do.

Minor Leaguer tells us who has no experience in Buffalo.

There are a lot of pictures of our new home park (with a real grass field):

Nate gets a look at the field, I noticed how he had to duck in the hallway before getting to the field:

Arden Zwelling is very tall:

Hazel Mae takes us on a little tour as well:

MLB has postponed Thursday’s double-header between the Cardinals and the Tigers. This season is going to be a patchwork quilt, at best.