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Playing bad baseball, Jays lose

Miami Marlins v Toronto Blue Jays
“Any of you guys know how to play this game”
Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Marlins 14 Blue Jays 11 (10 innings)

That was depressing. The amazing thing is, despite how bad we played, we made it to extra innings. It does show how bad the Marlins are.

We had an amazing come back. We were down 8-0 and then 11-4. And then we tied the game in the eighth. But lost it with bad baseball in the tenth.

After a few innings of professional type baseball we went back to playing brain dead baseball in the tenth and the Marlins scored 3 off Rafael Dolis. A bunt single (bad baseball by Dolis), steal, single, wild pick off throw, sac bunt, single, walk got us to the point that bringing in Wilmer Font didn’t seem like a bad idea. 3 runs scored.

In our half of the inning, Bo Bichette led of with a walk, to bring the tying run to the plate. Travis Shaw, who won last night’s game with a single, and homered today struck out. And Lourdes Gurriel struck out chasing to end the game.

We hit home runs in 6 innings in a row, which tied the game in the eighth:

  • Teoscar Hernandez had a 2-run homer in the third.
  • Rowdy Tellez had a 2-run homer in the fourth.
  • Travis Shaw had a 2-run homer in the fifth.
  • Danny Jansen hit his 2-run homer in the sixth.
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. had a solo homer in the seventh.
  • Bo Bichette and Travis Shaw when back-to-back in the 8th.

Seven in a row would have won the game and Tellez came close, hitting one just foul in the ninth.

We had 18 hits. Bo was 5 for 5 with a walk. Tellez was 3 for 5. We had 2 hits each from Shaw, Vlad, Randal and Jansen.

We scored 11 runs, but we were 1 for 11 with runners in scoring position. Going 2 for 11 and we would have likely won.

I always thought spring training was too long, but I’m getting an appreciation for the value of spring training. Add in that ‘summer camp’ didn’t have much for real games to work on things like defense, I’m never going to complain that spring training is too long again.

I’m sure I’ve never watched a ‘major league’ baseball game with so many mistakes. Let’s list a sampling of the mistakes made (I’d list them all but I want to hit publish at some point).

  • With Bo Bichette at second and Travis Shaw at first, on a fairly deep fly ball, Bo tagged up and when to third. Shaw for reasons that defy logic, decides to tag up too and is put out about halfway between first and second.
  • A pop fly falls between Cavan Biggio and Teoscar Hernandez. Both looked like the figured the other would get it. For Cavan it would have been a very hard play. For Teoscar, with a bit of hustle, it would have been an easy catch.
  • A ground ball to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. ate him up. When he finally picked it up, he tried diving to first to tag the bag before the runner got there but he was just too late.
  • A passed ball on a fastball that just barely off the inside of the plate.
  • Bases loaded, Danny Jansen throws behind the runner at second base, but Biggio is playing 15 feet behind second. The runner on third walks home.
  • Vladimir had his second error of the game and the season later, when a throw from third pops out of his glove. One of those errors that should never happen.
  • In the seventh inning, with Randal Grichuk on first, Rowdy Tellez doubled down the right field line, the throw in was terrible, but we didn’t send Randal. He could have stopped and then still have scored easy.
  • I think pulling Vlad, who just singled and homered earlier in the game, for a pinch runner (Anthony Alford) with 2 out in the eighth inning of a tie game was a mistake too. I guess had Randal been able to hit one in the gap it would have worked out, but Randal struck out looking.
  • Tenth inning, Jon Berti clearly bunting, someone blows coverage (likely Dolis, he should have headed towards the third base line and didn’t) and he gets a bunt hit.
  • Tenth inning again, after a couple of runs score, Dolis threw a pickoff throw past first base.

On the pitching side:

Nate Pearson wasn’t good. He got the first two batters out and then walk, single, home run. He had a scoreless second inning, with just a single. Then the third went single, single, strikeout, walk, walk and that was the end of his day. In total 5 hits, 7 runs, 4 earned, 4 walks, 1 strikeout. He hit 100 on his fastball in the first inning and then seemed to go away from the fastball. And, in the third inning, the rare time he threw one it was a mile from the plate.

Jacob Waguespack wasn’t much (any?) better. 2.1, 5 hits, 4 runs, 2 earned, 1 walk. Being fair. he had some bad luck on ground balls going through for singles.

Shun Yamaguchi was terrific for 3 innings, giving us a chance to get back in the game.

Ryan Borucki looked unhittable in the eighth.

Jordan Romano pitched a nice ninth.

And, well we talked about the tenth.

Jays of the Day go to Bo (.412 WPA), Tellez (.261), Shaw (.208) nah, let’s remove him for the STUPID base running move in the first inning and Romano (.174).

Suckage: Pearson (-.294), Dolis (FanGraphs doesn’t have his number up but it was bad), Waguespack (-.171), Hernandez (-.165, actually will be worse, FanGraphs hasn’t updated for the tenth inning), Gurriel, Biggio (-.108).

And really, considering all the mistakes, almost everyone in the powder blues deserves a suckage award, including coaches.

We had 854 comments. I led us to dismal defeat.

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