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Friday Bantering: Jays 4th on Baseball America’s Farm System Ranking

Miami Marlins v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Baseball America ranked the MLB minor league systems and the Blue Jays are number 4 on the list. Since 2016 they have moved up from #24 to 20 to 8 to 5 and now 4.

  • There are four Blue Jays prospects on their top 100 list:

Nate Pearson 4th

Austin Martin 16th

Jordan Groshans 30th

Simeon Woods Richardson 65

On their just missed list there are Alejandro Kirk, Adam Kloffenstein, Alek Manoah, Orelvis Martinez, Gabriel Moreno and Eric Pardinho.

Their Blue Jays top ten list:

  1. Nate Pearson
  2. Austin Martin
  3. Jordan Groshans
  4. Simeon Woods Richardson
  5. Alejandro Kirk
  6. Alek Manoah
  7. Orelvis Martinez
  8. Gabriel Moreno
  9. Miguel Hiraldo
  10. Anthony Kay.

I don’t have much more I want to talk about so lets just have some one-line things.

  • If you were wondering, the Astros aren't leading the AL in hit by pitch. They’ve had 10 batters hit. The A’s had 16, Cleveland 13, Yankees 12 and Twins 10. The Blue Jays haven’t had a batter hit yet.
  • At the opposite end, the Mariners have hit the most batters, 17 and the Jays have hit the least 1.
  • You think our defense has been bad, Rafael Devers has made 7 errors in 17 games. For a 160 game season that would be 66 error.
  • The Red Sox, Royals and Angels are at the top of the league in team errors at 17, Jays have 8 (but then that’s just ‘official scorer errors’).
  • Team batting? Cleveland is at the bottom of the list for OPS at .596, Yankees at the top at .813. Jays are fourth from the bottom at .706.
  • Cleveland is also at the bottom of the league in runs per game at 3.26. Rays at the top at 5.35. We are third from the bottom at 3.67.
  • Jose Altuve is hitting .187/.265/.333, not exactly selling the idea that the cheating wasn’t helping his bat.
  • The Cardinals have a far bit of baseball ahead of them (presuming they don’t end of cancelling more games). They start up playing again tomorrow with a double-header against the White Sox:
  • MLB wants you to know that all is peachy-keen: